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Questions & answers

For more general questions, please visit our main FAQ page or get in touch.

Can all local sports leagues use LeagueSquare?

Looking to streamline your sports league management? LeagueSquare is the perfect solution for local sports leagues of all types and sizes!

Our platform supports a range of sports categories, including basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and flag football, and is designed to simplify the process of managing tournaments and season-long leagues. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, LeagueSquare can help take your sports community to the next level.

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I can't find my club/organization on the list. Why not?

There are two possible reasons why your league is not visible to any community sports club or organization searching for it:

  • An organization profile has not been submitted
  • Our team is processing your referral submission

To add your profile to LeagueSquare, please make a referral (or book a demo to learn more before signing up).

How much does it cost to sign up for LeagueSquare?

We offer flexible pricing plans to fit the needs of local sports leagues of all sizes. Our pricing structure includes a monthly or yearly subscription and several add-on services. Prices start at $29/mo and can be explained further during a complimentary demo.

How soon will my LeagueSquare website be up and running?

Once your first invoice is paid, LeagueSquare will start working on your website and have it ready within 72 hours. A LeagueSquare team member will also be in touch once your website is live.