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Keep players and fans in the loop with live scores, standings and more on your very own tournament website.

Why LeagueSquare?

Our mobile-friendly, schedule & score management platform provides you with easy-to-use tools to setup and manage your tournament while creating an information hub for players and fans.


Flexible scheduling

Control your schedule and customize it to fit your needs. Whether you like to set your schedule ahead of time, or weeks at a time, LeagueSquare supports your use case. 

Need help creating your schedule? Our scheduling experts can help!


Roster management

Manage team rosters yourself as an admin, or create an account for your team coaches and have them do it. 


Live scores

Update scores live, each quarter, or at the end of each game. You choose whatever fits your organization’s needs. Standings are updated automatically for players and fans to follow along. 


LeagueSquare took our yearly tournament to the next level. I love being able to update scores directly from my phone.  


/  Robert P. - LUL Softball Commissioner  /


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