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At LeagueSquare, we're passionate about empowering local sports leagues with user-friendly technology that enhances communication, streamlines management, and brings the joy of sports to everyone in the community.

At LeagueSquare, we know that being a league organizer takes serious dedication. As sports athletes and organizers, we understand the countless hours you put in behind the scenes to make sure everyone can enjoy playing sports in the community.

We also know that finding the right tools to help you do your job effectively can be a real challenge.

That's where LeagueSquare comes in. Our mobile-friendly platform is designed to make league management easy and efficient.

With our information hub, players and fans are always in the know. We believe that supporting league organizers like you is crucial to the success of our communities.

So let LeagueSquare be your secret weapon for managing sports leagues and let us thrive together.
Headshot of Patrick Ramos, President and Founder of LeagueSquare
Patrick Ramos,
LeagueSquare Founder & President

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Our platform is designed to support every league level, from local youth sports clubs to senior leagues.